Axis Bank Net Banking Registration & Login

Axis Bank Net Banking Registration & Login

In this area of technology and advancement, net banking has eliminated the need to visit banks for conducting simple financial transactions.This now can be completed from the comfort of our home office or anywhere.

With Axis Bank visiting the bank branch is no longer required to carry out numerous banking activities as you can now do all of the banking activities with the help of Axis Bank internet banking facility. With the help of internet banking you can transfer your funds instantly, keep a check on your account balance, open investments, FDs, RDs, etc.

You can avoid going to utility service provider officers to make bill payments as Axis Bank Net Banking facility provides you bill payment services. This is just one of the benefits of being an Axis Bank customer. Axis Bank provides you a way to transfer funds from your Axis bank account to any other bank account. You can enjoy all these Axis Bank Internet banking benefits and more by simply registering for it.

Axis Bank Net Banking Features

Axis Bank net banking several features that loves you to access all the services that a bank has to offer:

  • Account Details: with Axis Bank net banking you can access all your accounts information, examine account balances, download statements and much more.
  • Request Services: You can request for cheque book, demand draft, stop cheque payments, etc using Axis Bank net banking.
  • Transfer of funds: It is another useful feature of Axis Bank net banking that it allows you to transfer funds between accounts to other Axis bank accounts, or too accounts in any other bank. It also gives you options to Pay Now or Schedule Later.
  • Investment Services: You can invest in the bank’s investment products,create FDs and RDs, invest in IPOs etc.
  • Bill Payments: Bill payments, cell phone recharge, VISA bill pay and other bills can be paid using Axis Bank Internet banking.

Axis Bank Net Banking Services.

  • Allows you to keep an eye on your bank account information and balance.
  • You can download the account statement without any hassle.
  • You can access information of your credit card, loans, etc.
  • You can add money to your account.
  • You can debate a cheque book online.
  • You can demand a draft.
  • Prevent any check from being paid.
  • Transfer money from any other bank account.
  • Transfer money from any other Axis bank account.

Axis Bank Net Banking Benefits

  • Account holders have full access to their bank account from home, work and even on vacations. Thus, account holder need not go to Axis Bank branch for conducting transactions.
  • Using Axis Bank internet banking, a transaction could be made at any time even outside of the bank’s operating hours. The account is accessible around the clock, so, one must not bother about Sundays or holidays.
  • It can be accessed using any electronic device having active internet connection. Smartphones, laptops, desktop computers and tablets can be used for banking activities.
  • The best feature of Axis banks internet banking is probably it’s ability to simultaneously track various accounts of a person. A person holding many accounts does not have to visit various bank branches.
  • The account holder can always view the information of their transaction without providing any receipt or documentation as every transaction is immediately and automatically updated. This makes the account accurate and free of inconsistency because the procedure is fully automatic.

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Ways to register for Axis Bank Net Banking

Register to Axis Bank Internet Banking online.

In order to register for Axis Bank Internet banking follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the official Axis Bank website.
  2. Click on the login button.
  3. Click on register.
  4. The registration page will now appear on your screen.
  5. Enter your customer ID and click on proceed. You may find your customer id on your cheque book. You can also obtained you customer ID by sending an SMS CUSTID ON 56161600 from your registered mobile number.
  6. Now enter your account number along with a registered mobile number and click on proceed.
  7. Now type your debit card details like debit card number, PIN and expiry date.
  8. Accept the terms and conditions at click on proceed.
  9. Set your new password and re-enter it for confirmation.
  10. An OTP will be sent on your registered mobile number.
  11. Enter the OTP that you received on your mobile number and click on submit.
  12. Your password is now set at the registration process and has now been completed successfully.
  13. You can now enjoy the perks of Axis Bank Internet banking.

Register to Axis Bank Internet Banking through an offline branch.

Apart from the online process you can also register to Axis Bank Internet banking through any nearby Axis Bank branch.

  1. Go to your nearby Axis Bank branch.
  2. Request for an internet package application form or you can download the form from the official website.
  3. Fill the form with required details like name, customer ID, branch, email ID, your signature, etc.
  4. Check the ‘View Only’ or ‘View And Transfer’ checkbox.
  5. Submit it to the branch officer.
  6. The branch officer will guide you further.

When you login to your internet banking account for the first time after registration, you will have to set 3 security questions and their answers.

  • If you have forgotten your password and wish to reset it you can simply click on reset here link on the login page to do so. You will have to follow through the process and you will be able to change / recover your password.
  • If you have log in incorrectly multiple times, your internet banking access will get locked. In order to enable it again, click on the ‘Enable Login ID’ link on the login page and follow the process.

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