How to Delete Epic Game Account?

How to Delete Epic Game Account?

Epic Games is an American gaming company founded by Tim Sweeney in 1991. The Epic Game Company develops and upgrades video games and software while idealizing both the users and creators in mind. Nonetheless, after a while, the Epic Game launched an Epic Game Launcher which benefits the users to have a secure and more accessible platform in order to play with ease and in a comfortable zone and have more access to the levels and details of the respective epic game such as Fortnite, etc.

The users need to purchase an account in the Epic Game Launcher if they desire a platform of gaming all for themselves along with their own identities to display. The Epic Game account or the ID works as a unique identifier during the creation of your account. Moreover, the epic game account IDs are highly secured and are therefore not displayed to other users nor can these epic account IDs be changed by any second or third party.

One can also have access to the epic games online and free without any purchase but he or she will not be able to have an account with their names, their account will be showcased with THE UNKNOWN tag and along with this, they would lack the availability of some basic information. Neither the user with a free epic game account will get to play all the levels of a certain game nor will they be able to get friends with other users on the same platform.

Deleting Epic Game Account

When you think of deleting your epic game account; kindly bear in mind that this deletion is a permanent process and cannot be reversed by any means. Therefore, please make sure that you are actually ready to get rid of all the terms and processes before proceeding with the deletion of the epic game account.

The process of deleting the epic game account will include the deletion of all the purchases, online Friends list, progressing levels in-game, and all the terms and items related to the epic games. However, if you reconsider the deletion of the epic game account, you can always think of temporarily disabling your account. Conversely, if you are ready to permanently delete your account then let us walk you through the process with some easy steps so that you do not struggle on your own even a bit.

When the epic game account is deleted, it will automatically make you inaccessible to any of the games that you have bought online or you have installed from the Epic game launcher. The deletion does not stop with the games only, the user will even lack access to the downloadable content or any content that he has downloaded previously.

How to delete an epic game account?

Deleting an epic game account that you have purchased is a permanent procedure. Therefore, we have explained each step with careful consideration to let you be at ease without any inconvenience.

So let us start with the steps which are very much simple yet very effective.

1. To delete your epic game account ID switch on your laptop.

2. First of all Log in to your epic game account by opening the web browser Google, Firefox, etc while using the link attached:

3. A list of Login options will appear before you, kindly select the most suitable one. Either Google, Gmail, Facebook, or anything else.

4. Once you have logged in to your account. Look for the General settings on your account.

5. Once found, kindly click on it.

6. A page of GENERAL SETTINGS will display in front of you on the screen.

7. Avoid all the above information: scroll down till you reach the DELETE ACCOUNT section on the GENERAL SETTINGS screen.

8. Once there, kindly click on the REQUEST ACCOUNT DELETE with blue highlights.

9. And just as you hit the button, a bar will appear in front of you demanding a security code from you.

10. A six digits security code will be sent to your registered email. The email must be registered with the Epic Games.

11. Check your Gmail account and verify the security code by copying the security code from the email and by pasting it in the Epic game account deletion page which would be displayed with a pop-up bar code.

12. Once you have entered the security code, press the CONFIRM DELETE REQUEST with the blue highlights.

13. Nevertheless, if you have missed the security code by any chance or did not receive the security code; which was sent to you. You can always click on the RESEND SECURITY CODE button and get the security code again.

14. When you press enter another window will get open for you where you will be asked about the reason of why are you deleting your epic game account.

15. Select an option and click on continue.

16. Or you can skip the section by clicking on the SKIP THIS option at the end.

17. A pop-up window with the Account Deletion Request sent tab will appear on your screen. This means that you have confirmed the deletion of your account.

18. After approximately 15 seconds, you will be automatically logged out of your epic game account. After the process, your account will be disabled and will be completely deleted after a period of 14 or 15 days.

When you are done, another tab will open for you stating that the epic game account will be permanently deleted after the duration of 15 days if you do not log in for a single time in-between. However, the deletion process will automatically stop if you try to log in to your epic game account during these 15 days. Kindly keep in mind that this account deletion duration may vary depending on the proceedings.

However, during the duration of epic game account deletion process, the registered email and other links associated with the epic game account would still be used until and unless the account is completely deleted.

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