Take Dell Laptop At Rs.1 Only

Take Dell Laptop At Rs.1 Only
Incredibly, this is true.  matching laptop or desktop only 1 rupee . One such offer is made for the students by ‘Dale’. The name of the offer is ” back-to-school” . This offer will be available from March 31 until May two.

By this offer is only 1 money down-payment  a student’s parents will get a new laptop. The price of the interest-free installments would be paid the agency said. “Back-to-School” offer the Dell website and is available in all outlets. Laptop users will need to register for this offer within one week of purchase.

This offer Dell’s Dell Inspiron Desktop, All in one, and only one machine inspiron 3000 series will bring the money home down payment. Owing to the price to be paid in installments without interest. by only 999/- money can be found also with a two-year onsite oyarantio additional .

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